Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Max Keiser and David Morgan Talk Silver

David Morgan discusses all things silver with precious metals guru Max Keiser.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Production Slowdowns in Mining Gold and Silver

In this interview with Ellis Martin, David Morgan discuss the temporary suspension of operations of a silver producer based on the cost of production being at par or higher with the price of silver per ounce. With many producers geared up for $30 an ounce silver, $19 remains a challenge for some. However, companies with lower production costs and near producers running a tight budget are seeing light....even as majors like Barrick Gold are pulling back. Ellis Martin also criticizes the pundits, who incorrectly sold a bull market for gold at a wishful $2500 an ounce in 2012.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

David Morgan - Silver vs Gold

Silver bug David Morgan advises to buy both silver and gold, but thinks that silver is the underdog with more upside as well as volatility.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Has JP Morgan Gone Long Silver?

It is common knowledge that the major bullion banks continue to manipulate the price of gold and silver lower on a continuous basis. What is not so common knowledge is the fact that, from time to time, they have been known to go long.

This typically happens after a long period of extreme pessimism and depressed prices, similar to what precious metal bulls have experienced. The reason the bullion banks do this is twofold. For starters, they know they cannot keep the prices suppressed forever. Secondly, they love money.

So the question is, has a major bullion bank reversed their position? Silver guru David Morgan believes this to be the case. The bullion bank in question is none other than JP Morgan. Are they preparing to rocket the price of silver to all new times highs? By catching this depressed silver market off-guard, they can rapidly move the price higher with little to no resistance. This would not be a difficult feat considering that the weak hands are out of the market.

David Morgan suggests that there is strong evidence that JP Morgan has INDEED gone long the silver market. This was revealed in his latest interview with Elijah Johnson of  finance and liberty.

David Morgan's full interview can be heard below:

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