Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan of The Morgan Report - 23/09/11

"In this broadcast, Ellis Martin interviews analyst and newsletter writer David Morgan of TheMorganReport.com. Mr. Morgan weighs in on the real possibility of "The Perfect Storm" in the markets, commodities and the economy. Is it more than a hard bump? How long will it last, weeks or many months? What about the rare earth/rare metal space. Is it a bubble that has popped? Are there significant buying opportunities across the resource sector? Who's buying now? This in depth and compelling interview is fresh and informative, worth listening to."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

David Morgan's Precious Metals Panic Report

"David Morgan joins us on September 23, 2011, after the markets have shut down for the weekend, gold and silver having sustained their largest losses on record. He explains why paper has never and can never out precious metals. He believes there's very little additional risk to the downside as the bulls in the futures markets have been eliminated. But one never knows these things for certain, until after they've occurred. Remember, in investing, the only thing to fear is losing money."

Interview by: Kerry Lutz

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Silver Investing with David Morgan (1/7)

"Silver Investor's David Morgan empowers people in the area of money, mining, and metals. He is the author of Get The Skinny on Silver Investing and The Morgan Report. His 30+ years of experience in metals and his understanding of monetary history help us understand a unique window of opportunity.

Although OPEC and Central Banks are not known for hoarding silver, it is very valuable. It is used in so many industrial applications and devices. The demand for silver exceeds the available above the ground supply. Silver is not just an industrial metal; it is real money.

Silver is referenced in almost all of the holy books as money. It is mined as a by-product of copper, lead, zinc, and gold, and is one of the most overlooked and underestimated investments in the world. Find out what you need to know about silver that will allow you to make timely investment decisions.

Silver is beckoning our attention. Fiat currency is on its way to the fiat cemetery. It's time for a new paradigm for investment strategies.

In December of 2009, we did a broadcast with James Turk, the founder of Goldmoney. Goldmoney is a digital environment to buy, sell and store gold, silver, and platinum. All metals are stored in London or Switzerland as allocated storage. Although we are huge advocates of James Turk and his remarkable creation and transparent model and have a GoldMoney account, not everyone wants to do business digitally and have their precious metals stored outside the USA. Some people assume that proximity guarantees safety, and would prefer to store bullion or coins at their home, office, or another designated storage facility.

To learn more about investing in silver, Silver Investor can be of great help to you. Join us as David gives us the skinny on silver investing!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

David Morgan - The Currency Crisis Continues

"I had the pleasure of meeting David Morgan in Spokane, Washington State. It was great to finally meet one of my favorite analysts face to face. David Morgan is perhaps the most well grounded and level headed precious metals analysts you're ever going to meet and it was both a pleasure and a privilege to interview and dine with David Morgan. David's website can be found at http://www.silver-investor.com"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gold has yet to reach new parabolic heights in 'grand super-cycle'

Tracy Weslosky CEO of Pro-edge Consultants Inc. discusses the future of gold, silver and fiat currency with David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com. A well-known industry expert David answers the question: Do you think we are in a gold bubble right now?

"Well, as I said when silver was doing the same thing. Silver went parabolic. Gold went parabolic. I could state it this way. We could be in what we classify as a mini-bubble. But this is a precursor to one that's going to be so huge, so gigantic, so off the charts -- I mean that literally...that it's going to go down in the financial record books bar none. We are in a grand super-cycle. And when this takes place -- and now this only happens, like in every 500 years or so...you are going to see gold into the paper prices that you and I wouldn't believe right now. And so, is this like a bubble? Yeah, you might say this is like a warm-up...but this is nothing to what's going to take place."